Apps at Work Lead to Security Breaches

Many companies are finding out that employees that use web applications at work are often compromising corporate data. They are posting on popular sites such as Facebook, Dropbox, YouSendIt and others. The use of laptop, smart phones and tablets at work presents a growing problem that IT managers are not certain how to cope with.

According the New York Times article linked below, once data leaves the corporate network, protecting it becomes much harder. Searching for the name of almost any large company, plus the word “confidential,” yields supposedly secret documents that someone has taken from the company network and published.

“People are going to bring their own devices, their own data, their own software applications, even their own work groups,” drawing off friends and contractors at other companies, said Bill Burns, the director of information technology infrastructure at Netflix. “If you try and implant software that limits an employee’s capabilities, you’re adding a layer of complexity.”

In addition to Chinese hackers, corporate managers in charge of data security are finding that employees can “upload things with one device and then download them to another from someplace else.”

Full Article:

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