Browser Wars Heat Up

As many companies tool up in anticipation for HTML5, they take aim at winning over consumers in the mobile and tablet industries. The big players, Microsoft, Google, Apple and Mozilla are not the only ones competing for dominance with a new generation of web browsers. As HTML5 becomes an industry standard, each company is attempting to grab a larger market share by providing content not previously available with standard web browsers.

Marc Andreessen, co-founder of the first major browser, Netscape Navigator, has a new web browser company called Rockmelt. Its new iPad browser, instead of showing the blank space inside a typical browser, incorporates images, posts and articles from around the web. Incorporating HTML5 will allow the newest generation of browsers the ability to launch apps that were only available as desktop applications previously.

Many new phone and tablet browsers aim to speed up the time it takes to load a page and are better optimized for small screens. These new browsers will take advantage of HTML5 technologies by providing users with enhanced video and the ability to read through a website offline.

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